Vision Care Services

Services We Provide

  • Eye Exam
  • Optical Dispensing
  • Custom Safety Glasses
  • Contacts
  • Sports Goggles
  • Children’s eyewear
  • Treatment for eye infections and dry eyes

Eye Examination

As we get older, our vision is likely to change. Annual eye examinations become increasingly important to monitor changes, provide optimal vision and to allow early detection of vision-threatening disorders such as glaucoma or retinal problems. Some conditions, such as cataracts, may not necessarily result from disease. Dr. Wright can evaluate their impact on your visual function and can often delay the progression of the condition.

A comprehensive eye examination can take up to one hour and will include: external and internal eye health evaluation (tests for glaucoma, cataract, visual field defects, etc.), refraction (careful measurement of your prescription), binocular vision assessment and consultation. More in-depth testing will be performed when required. Dr. Wright routinely provide solutions for patients with computer vision problems and eyes that are tired, strained, itchy, red, dry, light-sensitive, burning, or painful.

Some procedures, including comprehensive examinations may require that your eyes be dilated. By the completion of the examination, you should be able to drive. However, should that not be comfortable for you, we suggest you arrange for someone to drive you home. Following your examination, the doctor will explain the results and answer any questions you may have. We will also make recommendations for any continuing eye care.

Contact Lens Examination 

What to expect during your contact lens evaluation

Eyes come in many sizes and shapes, so you need to have an accurate “fitting” to make sure your lenses will fit your eyes properly. To do this, Dr. Wright will take measurements of your eye and its surface, checking for curvature and other factors that will affect how your lenses fit. You may be asked if your eyes tend to be dry (this is very important in determining which type of contact lenses is best for you – there are special lenses for people who experience eye dryness). Finally, the front of your eyes will be carefully examined to make sure there aren’t any problems that could make it diffucult for you to wear contact lenses.

There are numerous types of contact lenses available now.  You and the doctor will discuss all options available so that we can provide you with maximum comfort and vision.  Next, diagnostic lenses will be applied to your eyes so we can see how well they fit. It takes time for lenses to “settle” on your eyes, so you may have to wait 10 or 15 minutes after the lens has been inserted before the doctor checks the fit. Or, the doctor will schedule you for a follow-up appointment two weeks later to ensure your contact lenses are the best custom fit for you. You may need to try on more than one pair before you and Dr. Wright are satisfied that your lenses fit, feel comfortable and give you good vision.

Contact Lens Training
Learning to apply and remove your lenses takes some time. Most of our patients learn the concept right away, and even the most nervous patient can expect to have mastered it within a week. One of our friendly contact lens technicians will teach you how to handle and care for your lenses. You will also receive written instructions to refer to – and you should always call our office if you have any questions.  Our office is open 5 days per week and we are always available for any question or problem you may have.

Follow up
Your contact lens fitting is not complete until you are comfortable and the lenses are fitting properly. Dr. Wright will work to ensure that your vision is clear and comfortable.

Thereafter, plan to have your eyes and contact lenses examined at least once per year. If you notice any changes in your vision or eyes, you should call our office right away.

Often, our office will have your contact lenses in stock and you’ll be able to take them home the same day. If your lenses need to be ordered, you’ll usually get them within a few days and we will contact you as soon as they arrive in our office.

We know you are busy and you no longer have to come to our office to pick up your lenses.  When you place your order please let us know if you would like the contact lenses mailed to your home or office.  Yearly supplies of lenses are shipped at no charge.